FIRST AID for Infants, Young Children & Teenagers

"If The Worst Happens" Presented by Gavin Campbell  

Eight programmes - each nine minutes - on:

Resuscitation - Drowning - Burns and Scalding - Choking - Poisoning - Bleeding - Febrile Convulsions - Fractures

True-life emergencies are realistically re-enacted. The child, teenager and adult originally involved describe the accident. There follows a clear, calm, step-by-step demonstration of correct procedures. Annually, accidents send three million children to hospital.


The best first aid video I have seen for many years. It will be used for Parent Education in the children’s out patient area.

Dr Alex Habel,  Consultant Paediatrician, West Middlesex University Hospital


An invaluable part of the training programme for Learning Support Assistants. Many trainee classroom assistants have undertaken a First Aid Certificate Course as a result of the video’s impact. It should be available to all those involved in childcare situations.

Liz Tyzack-Jones,  Lecturer at Kingston University and Hounslow Further Education


BBC     75 mins     £21.95 (inc p&p)          To ORDER click here

MENINGITIS: ‘Cries of Alarm’

Follows the progress of three children just diagnosed. And their battle for survival against this country’s biggest, swiftest killing disease. It emphasizes the vital importance of taking no chances and immediate action. And demonstrates the critical standards of care needed - but not always administered - once meningitis is diagnosed. Also highlighted the life-saving difference special mobile paediatric rapid response units (as opposed to paramedic ambulance care) can make with their expertise and equipment, for critically ill children (not just meningitis but other illness and accident trauma) can play key role in encouraging charities, parent groups, & businesses set up a local 24 hour mobile paediatric service


This meningitis video will save children’s lives

British Medical Association


CHANNEL 4     50 mins     £16.95(inc p&p)          To ORDER click here


MENINGITIS: The Facts Behind The Fear  

Meningitis can kill within hours. One in 10 cases is fatal. One in 7 is permanently injured mentally and/or physically. All too frequently GPs and hospitals confuse the symptoms with flu and other illnesses. This video gives viewers the knowledge and therefore confidence to follow their instincts. And insist a child is examined for meningitis.

Meningitis National Trust     20 mins     £16.95 (inc p&p)           To ORDER click here