ALZHEIMER’S: The Home Carer

A positive and informative insight into how a carer in his seventies, came to terms with his wife’s (of 47 years) Alzheimer’s, diagnosed eight years before. And found the strength to cope emotionally and practically, enabling them both to take pleasure in being together. It shows the vital difference that love, a positive attitude, and humour can make to both sufferer and carer. Also the all-important moral and practical support from fellow carers, home helps, and respite care. 

The parents of Mavis Nicholson, the presenter, were sufferers. She talks with her sister about the caring. Being unable to cope. And how deeply this affected her. Other carers voice their feelings and experiences. Their sense of guilt, anger and failure at placing a much-loved parent or spouse in care. And their frequent need for counselling and support when this happens.


A unique resource in the way it presents a very valuable insight into caring for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease. The moving yet practical approach that Ewart Meyer has adopted in the care of his wife will be of great benefit to many carers.

Alzheimer’s Disease Society


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AUTISM: A World Apart
Narrated by Anna Massey

‘Will give family, friends and teachers, a deeper understanding of autism - enabling them to help in a more informed and productive way. ‘I feel proud’ says Lee’s mother, ‘to have a child like Lee, because everybody says there is no hope. And Lee proves there is.’ This important video features two children and a teenager with autism. Debbie (4),Ned (6), and Lee (18). The video shows the strain on their families. And how each has learnt to cope. Above all it shows the enormous difference which specialist education can make in enabling children with autism to lead happier and more fulfilled lives. And in giving their families necessary hope and relief.’

The National Autistic Society


We have found this to be a very moving and useful video.

Autistic Children’s Association of Queensland


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The Most Comprehensive Video on Breast Cancer Care in Britain
Winner of the Royal Television Society’s Personal Education Award

A very valuable video on breast cancer with its emphasis on early diagnosis, its wealth of practical information, and its detailed portrayal of standards to which every patient is entitled before, during and after treatment. It shows how women and health professionals working together at a local level can significantly reduce the present mortality rates; and how the physical and psychological suffering of a great many women can be considerably alleviated. It would also be of particular benefit to many women’s breast cancer groups and for the training of health care professionals.

Eva Garland,  Director of Nursing, Marie Curie Cancer Care

A wide cross section of patients, of different ages, describe their experiences. A multi-disciplinary range of health professional breast cancer specialists – from leading surgeons to nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, counsellors, pathologists, scientists and radiologists – spell out essential life-saving and life-improving measures. Dr Mary Armitage, the documentary’s eminently qualified principle investigator, is a consultant physician, with two young daughters. And has undergone a double mastectomy. The video covers Breast Examination. Mammography. Breast Reconstruction. Prosthesis. Complementary Medicine. Lymphoedema. Patient /Partner Post-Operative Relationships. Patient Self-Help Groups. Specialist Centres with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Britain’s breast cancer mortality rate is the highest in Western Europe. 1 in 12 women will develop breast cancer. This video gives patients and families the knowledge and confidence to insist upon standards to which they are entitled.

This video was made a few years ago, however its key message is as relevant today, namely, that many women can lead full and active lives after treatment.  Some featured in the programme had been treated over 20 years ago.


A comprehensive and positive video on breast cancer. It takes the viewer through the breast cancer journey, from screening, diagnosis, and treatment to life after breast cancer, causes of the disease; and campaign action for nationwide improvement. In a very clear and informed manner, a number of women with breast cancer express their views, feelings and experiences. They highlight the importance of quality of life issues and of the patient being treated as a whole person. And emphasize the need to receive information and support throughout diagnosis, treatment, and afterwards. It provides concrete evidence of the need for patients and health professionals to work together in establishing a nationwide standard of care. And shows how this can be achieved.

Samia al Qadhi,  Director, Breast Cancer Care


A lifeline to all breast cancer patients - both potential and diagnosed. It comprehensively deals with the principle issues confronting them, in a way it is unlikely any medical practitioner would be able to. Specialists in each major discipline of breast cancer care are interviewed in depth. This unique video is essential viewing both for patients and their families. And for all professionals involved in their care, from leading clinicians to palliative support. It demonstrates the issues in providing the highest standards of care at every level. And that these must go hand in hand with treating each patient with dignity and consideration.

Prof. Gus Dalgleish,  Professor of Oncology, St Georges Hospital. Visiting Professor at The Institute of Cancer Research


An excellent overview of the breast cancer scene as it exists for patients. And an invaluable teaching aid to health care professionals, both as a broad introduction to breast cancer from the patient’s perspective, and as a powerful demonstration of the need for good, open communication on all levels.

The Surgical Team & Breast Cancer Unit, St Thomas’s Hospital, London


An extremely valuable resource for women with breast cancer and their partners. And for health professionals.



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FACING UP TO AIDS: The Butterfly Garden

An approach to HIV sufferers, within the harsh confines of jail, which will inspire those supporting individuals with terminal illness, and their families. Also those shouldering the burden of causing death to those they most love. Alongside the ‘butterfly garden’ is a day centre where HIV prisoners can talk, rest and participate in therapeutic activities, including a support group run by officers. ‘One of the things is to make some sense of the time left. If you get people up off their knees, and they have ambition and a thirst for doing something worthwhile, then you have to pick that up. It’s about people having the opportunity to make the remaining years worthwhile.’

John Pierce,  Prison Governor


This is a singular and most important film. It is a lesson in humanity that everyone can benefit from; and deserves a wide audience. At a time when prevailing attitudes tend towards indictment and austerity, this film is a cry for reason and humanity and understanding.

Sir Stephen Tumim,  Former Chief Inspector of Prisons


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BREATHING LESSONS: The Life & Work of Mark O’Brien
Winner of The International Documentary Association Award for Best Documentary Short

Mark O’Brien is a poet and writer living in Berkeley, California. He was born in 1949. And contracted polio six years later. He has lived in an iron lung for forty years. This is about Mark’s life, his views on love, God, and disability. And his struggle to remain independent. Also his writing. His reverence for life. And how, within the confines of his single room, and an iron lung leaving only his head free, he has touched and inspired many people. Despite times of loneliness and despair, Mark has been able to transcend his tragedy. And give meaning to his life.

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Winner of The British Medical Association Silver Award

Follows the first fifteen months of recovery from a vegetative state [waking coma, blindness, and virtual immobility]. And shows Misha’s struggle - in the face of a medical prognosis without hope - to regain pleasure and meaning from life. ‘I’m going to get better’ she eventually writes. Through typed words, Misha offers her own commentary, allowing the viewer to enter her feelings and thoughts. And glimpse vital, mysterious and unfathomable regions of the mind and soul that defy clinical analysis. ‘We are treating her as a whole person and getting her back to feeling good about herself’ says her art therapist. Whilst speech remains locked within her, Misha continues to make remarkable progress, her lovely smile ever-more frequent. ‘The moments when they’re good, you are filled with this incredible beam of magic’, says her mother. ‘They [the doctors] can’t say categorically, and they don’t know. The key really lies within Misha. You have to have faith. Who knows the outcome? 


A sensitive, gripping, informative and beautiful film about the partial recovery of a teenaged victim who sustained severe and extensive brain injury. The protagonists including ‘the heroine’, her mother, their friends, the professionals from several disciplines involved in her rehabilitation combine to illuminate without sensationalism or sentimentality, the physical, psychological and ‘spiritual’ stages in her management.

British Medical Association


Tells a heart-warming story, and shows a remarkable partial recovery of one severe head injury survivor.



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