Helen Cowie & Sonia Sharp 

A compassionate inspiring analysis of anti-bullying peer counselling and mediation schemes in the UK. It describes individual cases. And, very importantly, shows how ‘Peer Involvement’ can help invaluably with reading and writing, bereavement, separation, divorce, and general behavioural problems. Each of which frequently results in bullying – or being bullied. It analyses the Acland Burghley Peer Counselling scheme featured in the HopeLine ‘Bullying Video’, and the all-important setting-up process. Also counsellor training for anti-bullying schemes. It emphasises the need for continuous monitoring and evaluation. And how this is achieved. It contains a questionnaire enabling schools to determine the degree and nature of bullying among their pupils. And lists relevant publications.

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A highly important resource which will go a long way in helping to set up peer counselling programmes.

Prof. Dryden,  Professor of Counselling, Goldsmiths, University of London


The Essential do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

Each year in the UK, three hundred thousand people divorce. John Bieber, a highly respected international divorce lawyer, dedicates his book ‘For the Children of Divorced Families’. Its essential practical guidance, wisdom, and compassionate humour, convey a message of hope that can lessen the suffering and financial burden for all who are divorcing. And for their children. 

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Every divorce is a death - the destruction of love, the pain of loss, the end of hope. Few emerge triumphant. I have waded through countless books about divorce. Most of them spell out facts competently and offer legal guidelines. John Bieber takes the complex fraught subject much, much further. This book is philosophical and emotional, as well as practical. For people who desperately need skilled and expert professional advice and who can’t afford huge lawyer’s fees; who are scared to walk down the tricky legal path; who need the sensible, practical help John Bieber offers. When warring partners finally walk free to face an uncertain future, they will discover, hopefully, that there is life after divorce, provided the divorce is as pain-free as is possible in so painful a situation. This book, I believe, could help them find that better life.

The late Marje Proops,  OBE


This book is serious about marriage. It is not superficial about breakdown. But the author’s objective is to be readable, lucid and practical about divorce. He succeeds admirably.

The late Lord Runcie,  former Archbishop of Canterbury


A first class work on a subject of the utmost importance, easing the human pain of divorce.

Dr Jonathan Sacks,  Chief Rabbi


I find myself recognising in almost every page, the kind of advice that family law specialists should give to clients on a daily basis. It promotes the constructive approach that is so important if divorcing couples are to come through the process with dignity. I have no hesitation in recommending it to solicitors and their clients alike.

Nigel Shepherd,  Chairman, Solicitors’ Family Law Association


Why Some of The Brightest People can’t Read and How They can Learn

The only book we know that explains, very clearly, the actual cause of dyslexia. Why it should be considered a gift. Not a disability or disadvantage. And how a dyslexic child or adult can overcome panic and disorientation using proven techniques directly linked to the remarkable visual way in which they process information. It is based entirely on the author’s own experiences as a severe dyslexic. Leonardo da Vinci, Darwin, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Rodin, Winston Churchill, Hans Christian Anderson are among the world’s outstanding minds who were dyslexic. Their originality of thought and their dyslexia occupied the same mind. Inextricably linked. 

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This highly readable and informative book grew out of the author’s research for the HopeLine Video ‘Dyslexia: An Avoidable National Disaster’. Also the experiences of his own dyslexic son. It expands upon certain individuals in the video. And details a range of cases, with revealing quotes from sufferers, their families & teachers. 

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Makes an outstanding and unique contribution to the literature on dyslexia, and an excellent contribution to both teachers’ courses and parents’ workshops.

The British Dyslexia Association